Mail Tribune: Moro’s attack ads against DeBoer draw fire

Acquired from Mail Tribune CLICK FOR FULL STORY By Damian Mann  Attack ads against Senate Republican candidate Alan DeBoer by his Democratic opponent, Tonia Moro, have drawn stinging criticism from her supporters who were hoping Moro would continue the legacy of the late Sen. Alan Bates. “In general, I was very disappointed,” said Cathy Shaw, campaign manager for Bates, who died … Read More

The Mail Tribune Endorses Alan

Our View: DeBoer is best choice for State Senate Acquired from Mail Tribune: FULL STORY HERE Senate District 3 has been hotly contested for the past two election cycles, and this year is no different. The sudden death in August of Sen. Alan Bates, D-Medford, sent Democrats and Republicans scrambling to find candidates to run for the remainder of Bates’ … Read More

Laurie Bates Guest Editorial

Acquired from Mail Tribune : find article here By Laurie Bates There is an adage that says “how you run for office reflects how you will serve in office,” and my husband, Alan Bates, modeled that belief: He said he would rather lose on the high ground than win on the low ground. This is why it was so disappointing … Read More

Sticking to the Facts

I recently came across a negative television ad my opponent approved and paid for against me. The hit piece, using grainy pictures and stock footage of some council somewhere other than Ashland, used two events that happened during my four years as Mayor of Ashland, to suggest I’m in the pocket of developers. The first assertion said I encouraged a … Read More

Advocating for Southern Oregon

With just a short time left in my campaign for Senate in Oregon’s 3rd District, I thought I would reflect on a past experience that had a positive impact on my life. I’ve always loved volunteering in my spare time – especially when I see a chance to make a valuable contribution to my community and those who live in … Read More